The Art of Stacking

The Art of Stacking

There’s no wrong way to wear Perfect Hoop earrings, but there’s a type of mastery that can be achieved in the art of stacking. A strategic approach and a few key tactics will help you pair earrings with the right balance of glamour or pizzaz, while your unique style and creative touch are the key to achieving the perfect stack.

An earring stack is a stylish and customizable way to accessorize. It includes two or more pairs of earrings at a time to create an aesthetic ensemble. Playing around with materials, accents, shapes, and designs will result in an endless number of combinations that can be dressed up or dressed down.  

Whether you prefer to take glamour to a new level or would rather rock funky, a-symmetrical layers, an earring stack is a unique way to accessorize any outfit. Let’s look at the key techniques to build the perfect stack, as well as tips on stacking outside of the box to let your personal style shine.  

How to Build the Perfect Stack

The perfect earring stack begins with a simple lobe piercing and an upper piercing. Stack one atop the other with up to three or four upper lobe piercings, or space them apart by adding less common types of ear piercings such as the helix or tragus. The key to building the perfect stack is not so much a formula as an expression of each person’s creative tastes.

Attention-grabbing hoops and perfectly mismatched pairings make a bold statement, while classic styles and dainty hoop duos are a graceful way to accentuate any look. Stack only a few earrings for a casual daily accessory or go all out for a bold evening ensemble. Whether you prefer to stick with your favorite combinations or change things up with your, the following tips will help you get started.

Mastering the Art of Stacking

Earring stacks can get intricate, but regardless of your approach, the end result should leave you feeling confident and radiant. If you’re new to stacking and feel intimidated by wearing multiple hoops and dangles, then start with simple hoops and studs. Layering multiple small hoops has an edgy feel without the weight of larger earrings. The subtle, yet sleek appearance of stud earrings also makes them a great way to add layers and extend your stack upward.

Start your stack with the lowest earring on your lobe. It will set the tone for the stack and will often be the focus of the entire ensemble. Choose the largest earring you’d like to use in the stack for the bottom and let them get smaller as they crawl up the ear to create a fluid and balanced look.  

When you’re starting out, it’s also best to stick to one color or type of metal at a time. Gold and silver will never fail, though rose gold, white gold, and platinum are fun alternatives. Take it one step further by pairing multiple earrings with similar accents or details to really make your stack pop.

Get Creative

There are countless ways to get creative with an earring stack. It can be bold, subtle, playful, or refined. The size, decorative details, and combinations of earrings all affect the overall look. Implementing some key strategies to your pairings will expand your pairing possibilities so that you can get the most out of your stack.  

Set the Tone

One way to get bold with your stack is by starting it with the Perfect Statement Hoop. These chunky, textured, or intricately designed earrings demand attention and are not for those who wish to hide in the shadows. While the light refracted by the ribbed texture of the bold Madrid Hoop will highlight your best features, the crystal accents of the quirky Porcini Hoop will twinkle as they catch the light.

Alternately, you can start your stack with a Huggie Earring that gracefully wraps around the ear lobe. Although this small hoop earring sets the tone for a more subtle stack, earrings like the snake-shaped Veleno Huggie or the sparkling Stella Huggie attract attention in a more sophisticated way.  

Include Fun Accent Pieces

As you work your way up, you can start getting more creative. A series of similar earrings that decrease in size as they ascend create a refined pattern, while incorporating studs, drop hoops, and colored stones builds a more playful and personalized stack.

A hoop earring with colored accents like those in the Palma Huggie Aqua add a fun accent that will make any stack feel light and breezy like the ocean shore. Alternately, an earring with multiple hoops like the dazzling Seville Hoopcan give the illusion of a larger stack without the need for more piercings. Similarly, the Perfect Cuff earrings create interest by wrapping around one ear to create a funky, a-symmetrical look.

Mix Things Up

Mixing metals and materials can be fun way to mix things up, but it takes some strategy to achieve flawlessly. Once you feel comfortable with your pairings, try switching out one earring in your stack for a similar one of a different color.

They key is to stack earrings with similar details and styles. For example, the golden Santorini Hoop could be stacked with the Santorini Huggie Platinum, both of which feature stunning crystal accents. Top it with a sparkling crystal stud like the star-shaped Valletta Stud and you have a perfectly mismatched stack.

Another way to give your look a funky feel is by mixing up your earring styles. The left and right ears don’t always have to wear the same earrings, but can layer complimentary earrings instead. Change up the size or design while keeping a common theme such as a twisted design or pearl accent. One of the easiest ways to achieve this mismatched look is by replacing a single stud or hoop earring from the middle of a stack with a dangling drop hoop from a similar collection.

Find the Perfect Pairings

Some earring pairings are just meant to be. Stacking earrings with similar accents creates a cohesive theme that makes a bold statement, while pairing multiple earrings from a collection create a geometric pattern with a natural flow. Whether you prefer minimalist pieces or eccentric designs, finding the perfect pairings will have you looking and feeling your best.

Light Up Any Room

Sparkling crystal earrings are one of the most noticeable pairings. They catch the light from every angle and have the power to brighten any room. Choose earrings with varying shapes, sizes, and numbers of crystal accents to create a dazzlingly dynamic effect.

The Perfect Sparkle collection features a wide variety of crystal-adorned hoop and stud earrings for every occasion. The Santorini Hoop Duo and the Cheval Huggie both feature rows of crystals for a glamorous look, while the Calabria Huggie and the Levanzo Hoop change the shape of the earring to add interest. If you prefer something a bit more playful, there are also radiant charms on drop hoop earrings such as the Pera Drop Hoop and the crystal-encrusted Evil Eye Hoop Duo.  

Keep it Classy

For a more subtle look, try pairing timeless pieces with vintage designs. Sleek lines like those of the Barcelona Hoopand the signature Perfect Hoop will grant you the confidence to smoothly navigate any situation. The Granada Hoop Duo adds a vintage-inspired twist to a classic pair of hoops, while the Évora Hoop evokes a more literal representation of ancient Roman architecture.  

Textured hoops or those with a noticeable design stack perfectly with smooth and sleek hoops. Those with a unique shape like the dazzling Milan Hoop are also a fun way to lighten up a refined earring stack.  

Get Playful with a Drop Hoop

Adding a drop hoop earring to your stack is a flirty way to add a customized touch. A dangling earring often looks best cascading down from the first lobe piercing, though smaller charms can also add some drama and a funky a-symmetrical feel when placed in the middle of a stack.

A fun way to show off your interests is with a lighthearted charm like that of the Abeja Drop Hoop or the Pizzetta Drop Hoop earrings. The glistening pearl of the Cannes Drop Hoop brings the elegance of the French Riviera to your stack, while the personalized touch of the Perfect Letter Drop Hoop makes a wonderful gift.

Create the Perfect Look

Once you’ve created the perfect earring stack, you’ll need the perfect look to show it off. When considering your hair and attire, choose styles that draw the eye upward and highlight your face. Allow your earring stack to be the center of attention and it will accentuate your entire appearance.

One way to let your perfect stack shine is by exposing your ears. Pull your hair back in a simple ponytail for casual daily wear or choose a stylish up-do for special occasions. A half up-do that pulls only hair from the sides of your face back is also an elegant way to show off your earring stack while allowing the rest of your hair to fall naturally.

Another way to bring focus to your earring stack is by wearing a top with a crew or boat neck. The neckline of both styles falls between the base of the neck and the collarbones to draw attention to the neck and face. Since these cuts can be found in both casual and formal attire, it is easy to take advantage of their effect regardless of how polished or relaxed of a look you’re going for.  

The Perfect Stack

The perfect earring stack is captivating, cohesive, and uniquely yours. It expresses your personality and enhances your look. Mastering the art of stacking allows you to flawlessly build earring stacks that make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

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