Summer Style By Region

Summer Style By Region

Throughout Europe, there’s a juxtaposition of old-world charm and modern influences. Brick buildings that have stood for hundreds of years are home to dance halls, stores, and restaurants, while the surrounding natural beauty attracts visitors from around the world.

With such rich histories and cultures, there’s no surprise that today’s summer styles were born from these influences. The Perfect Hoop has designed earrings based on the unique attributes of each region, creating a collection of timeless hoop earrings that reflect each wearer’s style through beautiful and versatile pieces.

Let’s take a look at European summer styles by region and the characteristics that make each hoop the perfect fit.


French style incorporates classic elegance with leisure and sensibility. It draws inspiration from old-world fashion and focuses on subtle statements that look effortlessly chic. Neutral colors that can be mix-and-matched are the norm, comfortable attire is preferred, and the fashion goal is to perfect the “I just threw this on” look. From Bordeaux to Chambéry and north to Paris, French summer style is all about looking put together while exuding comfort and ease.

Beginning in the western city of Bordeaux, we find influences of the thriving wine culture all around. The curled and twisted grape vines are exactly what inspired the loosely twisted texture of the Bordeaux Hoop earrings. They dress up nicely when stacked with another hoop while remaining casual enough for an everyday look. With a classic and subtle flair, this set is as versatile and delightful as your favorite Sauvignon.

Traveling east and away from the coast, we encounter more traditional qualities. Embellishments such as the minimal, yet elegant crystal accents of the Coquille Hoop or the sophisticated pearl accents of the Chambéry Hoop Duo are sure to impress without feeling excessive. Each earring makes the perfect statement piece to bring out your personal style, and each can be dressed up or dressed down.

Traveling north, we head into the city of love and lights. Paris has mastered the art of “décontracté”, where everyone looks laid back and a bit careless while simultaneously exuding glamour. Parisian fashion is more of a way of life than any defined style, and timeless luxury pieces make it easy. Of course, it’s always important to let your personality shine through, and accessories like the Paris Hoop, with its three rows of glistening pearls, allow anyone to look effortlessly chic.

Although much of French style is made to look effortless, French gardens are quite the opposite. They’re manicured and orderly, with beautiful landscaping and intricate designs. The most famous royal gardens in France inspired the Versailles Hoop, which flaunts an intricately textured design on a subtly bold and chunky hoop earring.

French Riviera

The French Riviera lies in the south of France and is famously known as the playground of the rich and famous. Just as is found in the rest of France, the French Riviera is all about casual elegance, but the proximity to the ocean lends a nautical influence on the chic Cote D’Azur style.

Statement pieces like tops with bold Breton stripes and bulky basket bags were first made famous by celebrities like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, and they’re still part of the local fashion today. They embody the region’s mentality about fashion, and each can be paired in a way that shows off your unique personality.

This same attitude was brought into the designs of each of our hoop earrings representing the area. Beginning with the Cannes Hoop collection, we go back to a bold twist that reminds us of grape vines and flowing rivers, even adding a glamorous pearl accent to the Cannes Drop Hoop.

The Nice Hoop takes this same idea and smooths it out, giving us a simple, yet bold dome earring that shines like the history and grace of the area. Similarly, the Monaco Hoop earring collection and the Saint-Tropez Hoop both incorporate a simply smooth and elegant design that pairs amazingly with any look.


As is the case with many of the styles found throughout Europe, Portuguese fashion is inspired by the country’s rich history. It blends the old with the new and finds a modest expression that agrees with the country’s deeply religious roots. Portugal also goes through noticeable seasonal weather changes, making locals lean towards versatile pieces that are style as playful and flirty as the ocean waves that surround them.

Portuguese style is a kind of smart casual, where pieces can be mix-and-matched to create multiple ensembles for any weather or event. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the ability to make a statement, and sophisticated accent pieces are the key to achieving the perfect look.

The Évora Hoop Duo is beautiful example of the polished style that is signature of summer style in Portugal. Inspired by the local ruins of Roman architecture, it features a micro-rope design with a subtle accent in the center.

The Porto Hoop collection takes this a step further with its chunky width, mixed shapes, and crystal accents. These earrings are bold and interesting while remaining classy and refined. The Pera Drop Hoop takes this same idea and adds some dazzle with an eye-catching pear-shaped crystal charm. It has a timeless glamour that exudes the strong will and independence of anyone whom it adorns.


Spanish style is unique and colorful. It’s all about bold self-expression paired with modesty and class. The Spanish believe that your style should let you feel comfortable and confident, and their strong heritage and culture have inspired the belief that you should wear whatever makes you feel most like yourself. 

The beauty of Spanish summer style is that it can be what you make of it. Those who love the simple elegance of a classic design that accentuates the beauty around it may enjoy an open hoop earring like the Barcelona Hoop. Alternately, the Granada Hoop Duo takes this same basic shape and embellishes it with a twisted design inspired by the royal architecture of the region. Both are timeless and sophisticated with a distinct style unique from the other.

Although the sophisticated styles in these first two cities can be worn with any outfit, some may prefer to make a bolder statement. Inspired by Spain’s capitol city, the Madrid Hoop does this well by taking the open hoop design and making it chunky and embellished with a mesmerizing texture. The braided design of the Girona Hoop is also forwards, but instead harnesses the laid-back feel of the coastal town.

The Valencia Huggie steps this up more with a crystal embellished chain-link design, while the Seville Crawler gets crazy with it by creating the illusion of multiple earrings in one. Whether you prefer a timeless piece or a fun new design, Spanish summer style lets you wear it your way.

Balearic Islands

Off the coast of Spain, we find the autonomous Balearic Islands. Popular with tourists from around the world, each has a unique atmosphere and culture that is reflected in their summer styles.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is known for its resorts and high-class culture, and the style reflects the mentality that every night is a special event, and this elite mentality inspired the luxurious and classy triple chain-link design of the Mallorca Hoop.

For those who love a sophisticated design, but want to keep it light and fun, the Palma Hoop collection may be preferable. The bubble texture is youthful and engaging, and it encompasses the natural bliss that the capital city cherishes.

Of course, those who prefer to get a little wild amidst the glamour may enjoy the lively neighbor island Ibiza more. As a well-known destination, Ibiza boats diversity and inclusivity. From world-renowned DJs to yoga retreats and resorts, Ibiza has it all. It’s for those who like to party and for those who need to get away from it all, and the style reflects the beautiful mentality that anything goes. The Ibiza Hoop caters to whatever you feel like at the moment, and it’s textured design is lively, classy, and versatile, all in one.


When Italy comes to mind, so does summer, wine, and architecture. Many cities hold on to an old-world heritage and pride themselves on their individual cultures. Thus, much of the art, crafts, and food follow traditions that have been perfected over centuries. There is a subtle way of creating stylistic interest, and this Italian style is reflected throughout the Perfect Hoop earring collections.

We’ll begin our exploration of Italian summer style in Verona, the city made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. We find a classic feminine design in the braided double Verona Hoop, a look that is both eye-catching and elegant. The same approach is used in the smooth, triple Florence Hoop, inspired by the Tuscan city south of Verona.

Other Tuscan-inspired hoop earrings also use minimalist designs that are made more interesting through well-placed adornments. The Tuscany Hoop continues the use of multiple hoops that are linked rather than set side-by-side, creating a look similar to that of a drop hoop earring. The Siena Hoop, on the other hand, sticks to a single hoop, but features three rows of crystals to tastefully embellish the front portion.

A more feminine and risqué style can be found in Venice, whose historical ties to a courtesan-culture are reflected in their decadent fashion. It is known as the city of romance, and with that comes a love for fanciful things. Unlike the messy-chic French fashion that embraces gender-bending styles, there is a feminine flair to Venetian style, and the Venice Hoop delivers this through its dainty chain link design. This unique design incorporates a drop hoop with a stud to create an earring that feels both delicate and forward.

Up north in Milan, summer style is all about high fashion, and that’s exactly what you get with the Milan earring collection.  The Milan Hoop has an elongated design and is covered with sparkling crystal accents that are sure to make any wearer light up a room. For those who prefer something a bit less forward, there’s also the Milan Drop Hoop, which features the same elongated shape, but reduces the crystal embellishments to a single part of the earring.


Sicily is one of the most unique regions in Italy, and their regional fashion is a medley of modern and traditional styles. Sicilians pride themselves on hand-crafted items, whose value comes from timeless tradition. Locally made is the name of Sicilian style, and they often use simple accents and unique shapes to create interest. This is reflected in the Sicily Huggie, which takes a chunky gold hoop earring and highlights it with a stamped texture on the front.

The designs of several other Sicilian-inspired perfect hoop earrings were also created through a focus on shapes and accentuating adornments. The Levanzo Hoop collection features a square shape with delicate crystal accents, while the Calabria Huggie features crystals on a T-shaped hoop instead. The sleek open hoop design of the Catania Hoopcollection is simple, but the three different sizes create a perfectly layered look, while the Palermo Hoop features a chain-link design inspired by the city that connects the mountains to the sea.

Amalfi Coast

Although it’s part of the Italian peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is a world of its own. The waterfront area sits along steep cliffs that tower over the coast, and the sparkling blue waters and laid-back atmosphere attracts visitors from around the world.

Positano is one of the villages located along the coast, and Positano style has become synonymous with the area. It is relaxed and hippy-chic, often including long, flowing skirts, pastel blouses, and handmade sandals. The Positano Hoop Duo has a relaxed, yet elegant look with a sleek, elongated design, while the rope texture and open hoop design of the Amalfi Hoop Duo Ouvert has a laid-back, vintage feel.


As another coastal Mediterranean destination, Greek summer style is like much of what is found around Italy. It is comfortable, loose, and casual, often favoring earth tones and neutral colors. It has also been heavily influenced by the country’s rich history, which is reflected in its strong foundational pieces with references to the evolution of fashion and architecture.

The city of Athens is located on the continental portion of Greece and boasts high fashion with ancient influences. TheAthens Hoop gained its design from ancient Greek architecture, boasting a ridged texture on a broad open hoop.

The Greek islands have a more playful summer style, often reflecting the ocean and landscapes that surround them. The Santorini Hoop Duo was inspired by the sparkling blue waters, reflecting the same sparkle through crystal accents that are placed on the inner and outer sides of the hoop earring. The Mykonos Hoop Duo, on the other hand, finds a happy middle ground between these influences with an eye-catching ribbed design on a light and flirty open hoop earring.


European summer style is chic, vintage, and timeless. It combines ancient influences with modern fashion statements, and it has been the driving influence towards many Perfect Hoop earrings. These eye-catching pieces can be worn daily or on special occasions, and they can be mixed-and-matched to create a look that represents each person’s individual style.

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