Complimentary Perfect Stud On Orders $200+


The Perfect Hoop is inspired by the old world charm and international glam of Europe. Each of our specially curated gold and platinum earrings is designed to effortlessly elevate one's style and help you feel like the glowing goddess you are.

We know that life gets busy. Whether we're taking care of a family, building a career, or working towards a lifelong goal, it can be hard to find the time to also look our best while doing so. The Perfect Hoop was designed with that in mind, because we also know that looking our best can help us feel our best. Whether you prefer to wear them alone or stack them for a dramatic effect, each hoop earring is designed to bring some glamour into daily life.

Our collections are intentionally focused on gold and platinum-plated earrings, letting us guarantee a quality every time. We are a part of the design, sourcing, development, and delivery processes, ensuring flawless execution throughout every part of the manufacturing process. All materials are meticulously tested for functionality, wearability, and durability, resulting in products that our customers will cherish for years to come.